Instagram page helps New Yorkers scour the streets for discarded gems

Stooping NYC is an Instagram account dedicated to "one of a kind finds" that are unique to New York and with over 100,000 followers and counting--it's a hobby that's become an obsession.

"You're telling yourself a couple of things. You're like, am I going to go get it? Is it worth it? Do I really need another piece of furniture in my small New York City apartment? And I'm like, yes, absolutely. I do," says Marsharzi McCann, who is an event planner, but became a 'Super Stooper' after moving into a larger apartment on the Upper East Side. She believes the stooping craze really caught fire during the pandemic because everyone is working from home.

When people see a whimsical lamp or a dresser in mint condition--they tag the Stooping NYC account with a pic, location and time--and then the hunt begins... but it's a pack mentality.

"I feel like how we all cheer each other on. When you see a stoop online... let's say I can't get to it. You see someone who is posting, 'Hey, you know I'm trying to get there.' Someone would say, 'Hey, I was there at four o'clock, it's still there' or people start commenting and tagging each other, then once someone says, 'Oh, I got it.' You hear somebody else say, 'Oh my God,' post a pic of what your success story is. So now we're watching people go from I'm looking for it to I got it to 'Oh my God,' 'That's amazing. I love how it looks at your house.' Even though we're all still online, we're all promoting each other and pushing each other. That's kind of the community I see," says McCann, who says timing and proximity are key. Her favorite finds so far are a fake fireplace and a dresser.

Artist and costume dresser Jake Poser had a friend tag one of his pieces and it blew up, garnering over 3,000 likes.

"Honestly, I was just clearing out my art studio and I decided why not give some free art to the world?" says Poser. "We're all going through it."

Poser added it's been a great way to not only promote his work but give back as well.

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