Former prosecutor: Cops looking for suspected serial killer 'keepsakes'

As detectives search for new clues in Rex Heuermann’s home, Hofstra Law professor Fred Klein wonders if they’re searching for grim keepsakes serial killers have been known to remove from each crime scene, before they dump the body.

"Their clothing, their jewelry, their identification," he said. 

Investigators say Heuermann who was arrested in connection to the deaths of at least three women - searched for photos of victims and their families leading up to his arrest. Klein is a former Nassau County assistant district attorney who prosecuted prolific serial killer Joel Rifkin. He believes Heuermann had evidence close to him. 

"He could have photos that he took of the victims-either before or after their death, he could have videos of what he did to them," he said. 


Gilgo Beach suspect's wife files for divorce

Asa Ellerup, wife of Rex Heuermann, the man charged in the deaths of three women whose remains were found along Gilgo Beach, has filed for divorce.

The search for evidence has now expanded. A Chevy Avalanche matching the description of one that a victim was last seen in was found in South Carolina, and now it’s at the crime lab in Hauppauge. Investigators are also looking into whether Heuermann is connected to other unsolved cases in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. 

Attorney John Ray who represents the families of two of the Gilgo victims is pleased with the progress but says there are more questions than answers. 

"When people are sex addicts looking at little children on the internet, very often in my experience, those people have groups they belong to," Ray said. 

We now know Heuermann’s wife filed for divorce on Wednesday. Investigators say a crack in the case was made possible using mitochondrial analysis - to connect a male hair recovered on the burlap where the bodies were found with a pizza crust that Heuermann allegedly threw in the garbage. 

"It’s generally very reliable," said Professor Richard McCombie with Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. "The technology is quite robust."   

At the house, investigators moved their command post to protect their work. According to Suffolk County Sheriff Errol Toulon Jr., Heuermann hasn’t had any visitors. He’s on suicide watch which Toulon says is typical for high-profile cases. 


Gilgo Beach suspect's wife allegedly told cops: 'Ok, it is what it is'

Suffolk County Police Commissioner Rodney Harrison recalled the moments after Rex Heuermann's arrest, including what he did -- and didn't -- say to police.