In new book, famous Americans reflect on immigrant ancestors

Journeys: An American Story, edited by Andrew Tisch and Mary Skafidas, features essays written by notable personalities who share their families' stories of immigration and what it means to be a descendant of immigrants.

Journeys features more than 70 essays that capture the essence of pursuing that quintessential American dream. Deborah Norville and Dr. Mehmet OZ are among the contributors.

Norville's essay chronicles the mission of her father, Zachary, to learn more about his past.

Dr. Oz said he hopes readers find inspiration in his parents' migration from central Turkey to Ohio as well as some humor.

The book comes at a time when some say immigration is under attack in the United States. But for those profiled in the book, it was a chance to express their pride in the great American melting pot as well as a hope that there will always be room for more.

The book features essays by, among others:

Alan Alda

Arlene Alda

Tony Bennett

Cory Booker

Michael Bloomberg

Barbara Boxer

Elaine Chao

Andrew Cuomo

Ray Halbritter

Jon Huntsman

Wes Moore

Stephanie Murphy

Nancy Pelosi

Gina Raimondo

Tim Scott

Jane Swift

Marlo Thomas