VIDEO: Huge Florida gator crosses trail in Circle B Preserve

Why did the alligator cross the trail? To get to the other side, we think!

Eamonn Molloy was hiking along a trail in the Circle B Preserve in Lakeland, Florida when a huge alligator decided to cross the trail right in front of him. It happened on Sept. 5, Molloy told FOX 35 in a Facebook message.

As Molloy was walking – and recording – the huge gator casually – and confidently -- walked across the trail to the other side.

Molloy said he wants people to know that alligators are misunderstood. "They are not as aggressive as people think," he said in a message.

Alligators can be found throughout Florida – in all 67 counties – in lakes, rivers, ponds, swamps, and marches, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. 

Just three days ago, an alligator mom in Lakeland was captured on video using her three legs to maneuver through bushes while carrying her babies to the water. 

According to National Geographic, for these reptile mothers, it's not uncommon for them to place their young ones in their mouths and transport them to another location. Their instincts tell them not to shut their jaw completely.

It's a matter of coexisting with alligators, the FWC says on its website. They do have a few safety tips: never feed an alligator, keep your distance, keep pets away from the edge of lakes, swamps, and other water, a swim is designated areas during daylight.

Anyone who is concerned about a gator can call the Nuisance Alligator Hotline at 866-FWC-GATOR (866-392-4286).