How the F-Factor Diet works

With losing weight high on the agenda for many people at the beginning of a new year, diets are one way to drop the pounds.

Tanya Zuckerbrot, the creator of the popular F-Factor Diet, explains how her plan works.

The 'f' in F-Factor stands for fiber.

"Fiber and protein in every meal makes losing weight no big deal," says Zuckerbrot.

The plan allows you to eat carbohydrates and fiber which fills you up with less food.

Carbs by themselves can lead to weight gain, because they get digested rapidly.  When carbs are combined with fiber, you feel fuller longer. The net carbs are very low so your body is forced to burn fat for fuel.

You'll also be allowed to dine out and drink alcohol.

Most women can expect to lose 8-10 lbs. in the first month and most men can expect to lose 10-15 lbs during the same time, says Zuckerbrot.

Combining the diet plan with weight training is a must.

"Ladies, get of the treadmills and the elipticals and pick up some weights," says Zuckerbrot.

And, when it comes to sweets, three bites of anything won't impact your weight loss goals.

"Too many diets are too restrictive," says Zuckerbrot.