How New Yorkers are staying cool during the heat wave

If you can make it in New York City, you can make it anywhere, but to beat the current heat wave, you're going to need some hacks to keep your cool. 

Shavar, a delivery person for FedEx, is keeping it simple, with a wet towel under his hat. 

"I wet it up with cold water in one of these buildings, squeeze it out a little bit, put it on top of my head and it kind of keeps me cool," he shared.

Once the sun dries it out, a good rinse and repeat does the job.

"I have like 2, 3 bottles of ice water, so I’ll probably buy like more water throughout the day to throw on the ice keep me, cool keep me hydrated, I’m good for the day," he added.

For those stuck in the sun working outside, the only way to get by is to avoid it with shade under a tree.

However, FOX 5 NY met Vanessa, a New Yorker who appears to have found an undeniable hack that’s made summer a breeze for her so far.

"I bought this fan like, I think I got it like a year ago. And oh my gosh it’s such a saver from this heat," she said, praising the handheld fan that has made going outside less uncomfortable.

One of the truest signs of summer in the city over-the-shoulder towel used by New Yorkers like Tyler.

"I use this when I'm playing ball, y'know I'm sweating so I just clean myself a little bit so I don't look sweaty and drenched when I'm walking," he said.

When all else fails, there's the trusty fire hydrant.