Hottest toys of the holidays might be already sold out

'Tis the season for the Fingerling, the Hatchimal, the Fairy Wand, the LOL Suprize, and Slime. If you've never heard of these toys before, you're not alone. But good luck finding them on a store shelf.

It may seem early, and outrageous really, but if you want to get your kid the must-have toys this Christmas or Hanukah, you have to start shopping now.

Marissa DiBartolo is a bona fide toy expert with Toy Insider. She said the hottest toys of the year will be gone before you know it, so shop early. Like Amazon and Toys R Us, Toy Insider has already assembled its 2017 hot list.

Some, like Teddy Ruxpin, are throwbacks to days gone by. Others are repeats of last year with an added twist, such as the Hatchimal Twins. And then there are those uniquely 2017, like the Fingerlings. They burp, they fart-- all the things that kids love, DiBartolo said.

You can find toys for every age group in every price range. The Squishie will run you anywhere from $6 to $20. On the high end at $299 is the Nintendo Switch. Last year's Nintendo Classic was the "it" toy, going for double or triple the price on eBay.

There are drones for boys and the Luvabella for girls.

And the toy for the one who has been begging for a pet, like the furReal Roarin' Tyler plush tiger, who responds to touch. And yes, he roars.

And just when you've wrapped your head around this, know that next year's toys are already lying in wait.