Hilarious photo shows bridesmaid passed out as groom kisses bride

You may now kiss the… floor?

This hilarious photograph captured the exact moment a bridesmaid passed out at her brother’s wedding – right as the judge gave his blessing for the groom to kiss his bride.

Kevin Kennedy Ryan from Chicago posted the photo to his Imgur account “DanAykroydFanClub.” It shows him embracing his wife Jessie Ryan-Smith with his sister seen lying face down on the floor, one shoes off and the other barely staying on.

The photo has amassed 1,162,413 views and counting since it was posted on Sunday.

Kevin wrote along with the picture, “My sister passed out at the exact moment the judge said "you may kiss the bride”. [sic]”

He further explained the incident to his followers, “Ceremony was less than 20 minutes! She just hadn't consumed enough.”

He also wrote, “Warmest day of the year, she barely ate or drank anything. Plus those windows made the ceremony room like a greenhouse. Recipe for fainting.”

But fortunately she is okay!

Kevin also wrote, “She was fine minutes later, just a little embarrassed,” he wrote. “Let her sit down and have some food and water and then she was grand.”