Hero fifth-grader saves choking classmate's life

Acts of heroism can be found everywhere – even inside an elementary school cafeteria.

That's the case with a Georgia fifth-grader who saved his classmate's life with his quick thinking.

Frank Nevarez Jr. was eating lunch in Crabapple Lane Elementary's cafeteria when he heard other students yelling that someone was choking.

Frank turned around and rushed into action, performing the Heimlich maneuver and saving his classmate's life.

Frank had learned the maneuver in his Boy Scout First Aid merit badge class, but he had never used it in a real-life situation before

His parents, Fayette County bus drivers Marysol and Frank Nevarez Sr., were told about their son's heroism by kids on their bus routes.

"When the children on the bus told me what Frank had done, my eyes started to become teary because of the quick action that led to a student's life being saved," Nevarez said.

While he was praised by teachers and students for his actions, Frank remained humble.

"Although many students call me a hero, I don't consider myself one," he said.