Harrison, NY, 8th grader 'with promise' killed in tragic fall from parking garage: report

A Westchester County, New York, community is mourning the loss of a 13-year-old student-athlete "with promise" after a fatal accident Sunday night.

Mark Anthony Giordano, an 8th grader at Louis M. Klein Middle School in Harrison, was killed after falling from a five-story parking garage near Metro-North while riding bikes with friends, the boy's uncle told News12.

Police have not confirmed the cause of death, but the Harison Town Clerk's office said in a statement that "the events surrounding his death are under investigation."

"Please keep the family and friends of the young man in your prayers," the statement read.

According to a GoFundMe page confirmed by FOX 5 NY, Mark was a "gentle soul and dedicated friend" who showed "limitless" promise at both football and wrestling.

Despite his age, Mark competed at a high school varsity level in wrestling, according to Harrison Wrestling's Facebook page.

"Mark was an amazing young man who accomplished so much in so little time," the post read. "Just an 8th grader, Mark wrestled Varsity at 220 lbs. He was an All League wrestler and a Sectional Championship Qualifier. His potential on the mats as well as the Football Field was unlimited. But most [importantly], he was always respectful, polite and a wonderful loving teammate, brother and son."

Louis N, Wool, superintendent of the Harrison Central School District, said the school mobilized support for students impacted by the tragic death.

"Mark was beloved by his teachers, coaches, and friends," the statement read. "Our exceptional faculty, coaches, and SROs stepped in immediately to support his family and our students."

Click here if you'd like to donate to the family GoFundMe.

"Our goal is to assist his family to put Mark to rest and [whatever] expenses they will encounter in their time of need," GoFundMe organizer Frank Barchella posted.