'Hardcore Buffalo spin': NY ice cream shop debuts wing sauce flavor

A New York ice cream shop debuted a wing sauce ice cream flavor called “Medium, Extra Creamy.”

Lake Effect Ice Cream, which has two New York scoop shops — one in Lockport and the other in Buffalo, posted a picture of the new flavor on Facebook, saying, “I guess this is more of a new flavor warning than a new flavor alert.” 

“We are known for outrageous flavors and pushing the envelope, so this time we decided to put a hardcore Buffalo spin on it,” the shop said in a Facebook post. “We are very proud (and a little afraid) to welcome our new ice cream flavor, “Medium, Extra Creamy“ to both our scoop shops. If you haven’t guessed by the name, it’s a wing sauce ice cream. No joke, wing sauce.”

The ice cream shop said “it's kind of a Dr. FRANKenstein moment.” 

“But instead of making a reanimated corpse, it’s a new ice cream flavor. And let me tell you…. It’s alive!... Alive!!” the post said. 

Lake Effect ensured that the ice cream “certainly does” taste like wing sauce, adding that it's made with Frank's RedHot as the main ingredient. 

“Is it hot? Oh, hell yes... it is,” the ice cream shop said. 

“Bring your own blue cheese, carrots and celery,” the post said. 

This story was reported in Los Angeles.