Gucci sells grass-stained jeans, overalls for $1,200 and up

Gucci Debuts $1,200 jeans and $1,400 overalls designed with grass stains around the knees.

Grass stains are now chic. 

Gucci is selling a pair of $1,200 jeans that appear to be pre-stained with grass, presumably for customers with deep pockets who want to pull off a down-to-earth look, without actually getting dirty.

The low-waist, wide-leg blue jean pant, made from organic cotton, features a green stain at the knee, and has been treated “for a stained-like distressed effect,” according to Gucci’s website. The designer denim also features a vintage Gucci logo label on the back pocket, a dead giveaway, perhaps, that the grass stains aren’t actually authentic.

The jeans are made from recycled materials, according to the product description.

The Italian designer is taking things a step further with a farm-to-fashion-inspired pair of overalls, retailing for $1,400, for its men’s collection. The designer overalls feature light-wash denim with oversized pockets, adjustable straps, and, of course, more grass stains on the knee.

The launch comes at a time when Americans are choosing to explore the great outdoors amid the coronavirus pandemic, with road trips, camping and national park trips rising in popularity as social-distanced activities.

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Forty-three percent of Americans said they plan on doing more outdoor activities during COVID-19 due to social distancing rules with 15% saying they would hike more, 11% saying they would visit local parks; 7% choosing to visit water parks and 6% venturing out to national parks, according to a survey from

And despite the uptick in outward-bound activities, this isn’t the first time Gucci debuted weathered apparel. Last year, the brand released an $870 pair of sneakers made to look like they had mud stains. And designer Golden Goose practically pioneered the trend with its pair of $500 star-studded sneakers that also appeared dirty, despite being new.

Of course, it didn’t take long for social media to get gassed up about the lawn-stained fashion trend.

“What fools they make of people,” one user tweeted, with an eye roll emoji.