Great Wolf Lodge battles social media claims of bed bugs

A picture that purports to show bed bugs at a Massachusetts Great Wolf Lodge has gone viral across Facebook but the company says it's not true.

A woman posted the image of a mattress showing a bug and that her daughter was bitten in the face.

It involves the Great Wolf Lodge resort in Fitchburg, Mass.  The woman says she complained to the manager and it was the manager who mentioned that it could be bedbugs.

In a statement, the corporation says:  "We immediately responded to her and contacted an independent exterminator. The exterminator conducted a thorough inspection and confirmed the resort did not have any bed bug activity; the guest had found the remains of a spider."

The City of Fitchburg Health Inspector conducted an inspection of the room and confirmed the resort did not have bed bugs, according to the Great Wolf Lodge.

The guest said, in fact, it was her who called the board of health.

The company has been responding to people questioning bed bug allegations.

In one response they wrote:  "We communicated all of this to the guest and refunded her stay as a gesture of hospitality. Unfortunately her original social post has been shared across many social channels the last couple of days, alleging something that was and remains untrue."

The woman says the general manager offered for her to come back for a complementary stay.  She says she has declined.