Glitch on TrainTime app disrupts commute for Long Islanders

Some Long Island Railroad riders returning to work after the holiday weekend were met with frustration after a glitch on the TrainTime app forced customers to use the machines to buy tickets. 

Some riders took to X, formally known as Twitter, Tuesday morning, questioning the issue after they purchased tickets and ended up with too many or none at all. 

A spokesperson for the MTA said the tech issue was fixed in a little more than an hour and "any customer who has concerns about purchases made this morning should reach out to the LIRR by using the chat button on the app’s ‘status’ tab." 

Gerard Bringmann, who represents the riders as chair of the LIRR commuter council, called the app issue unfortunate but said railroad officials are always trying to improve service.

This comes as a slew of schedule changes also went into effect to correct some of the problems created after Grand Central Madison opened earlier this year. 

"The game plan is to make as many people happy as possible and that’s what they’re trying to do," Bringmann said. 

Changes include more express services to Penn Station, direct service to Brooklyn and more convenient travel times. 

A roughly 4% fare increase also went into effect late last month. Bringmann said the change was in the works for many years, adding the extra money is important to keep the system in good repair.