Gift-wrap hacks for the gift-wrap challenged

Are you terrified of wrapping presents? Some people make gift wrapping look easy, but for others it’s a daunting task. 

Here are some alternatives for the gift-wrapped challenged. 

For starters, try leaving it to the professionals. Many retail stores and online shopping sites offer gift wrapping as an option. The extra money may be worth saving you a headache. 

Maybe you have a nice bag from a previous purchase that you can reuse. Throw in a little tissue paper over the gift, and voila. 

If you don’t have any special gift bags saved up, you can dress up an ordinary shopping bag.  Consider printing out some personalized photos and gluing them on. You can further spruce things up by attaching some pine cones and evergreen with twine or twist-ties to make it even more festive. If your gift is small in size, consider using baskets, tins, or jars in a similar fashion. 

And if you’re really desperate, head to the kitchen, and grab some aluminum foil as a wrapping paper substitute -- no complex corners or scissors required. However, you may want to grab some permanent markers to class it up with some artwork and a personalized touch. 

Watch the video if you’re short on time or scared of wrapping presents.