Gas prices fall below $4 in some parts of Long Island

The price for a gallon of gas is finally beginning to dip below $4 in some parts of Long Island.

The cheaper prices at USA Gas in Huntington saw a steady flow of drivers filling up throughout the day - cashing in on lower costs. Station owner Eddie Ince says he's doing his part to offer the best prices. 

"Our costs are lower than other stations because I don’t pay franchise fees," Ince said.  

At Conoco Huntington just down the road, it’s $3.95 but island wide, the average for regular hovers at just over $4.50. 

Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy says watch out for hurricanes or extreme economic news that could potentially push prices up in the weeks ahead. 

"I’m hoping we can escape unscathed and see the national average falling under $4 a gallon by mid-August if everything goes well," he said. 

According to the fuel-tracking app, 35 states have at least one station selling gas for less than $4 a gallon. De Haan says now is the time to patronize those stations where you pay less. 

"As prices go down, some stations are dragging their feet while others have gone down $0.50 cents to a dollar a gallon," he said. 

The national average for a regular gallon of gas according to AAA is up to $4.49 a gallon. Here in New York, the average sits at $4.68 compared to $3.19 a year ago. The average for a gallon of regular in New Jersey is $4.57 a gallon. 

"I’m happy to pay $3.83 today and I’m hoping it goes down to $2.00 in the future," said one driver. 

The 16-cents per gallon gas tax suspension in New York will continue through the end the of the year.