Airline offers all you can fly pass for $399

Imagine being able to fly just about anytime you want for the summer or even an entire year for one set price.  You now can.

Frontier is offering a summer pass that costs $399 that will let you fly as much as you want between May 2, 2023, and Sept. 30, 2023, with certain blackout dates.  (Think holiday weeks like July 4th).  That is a temporary deal with a limited number of passes and then it will retail for $999 for the summer.

Daniel Shurz, senior vice president of commercial, Frontier Airlines said, "For people with flexible schedules, this is a terrific opportunity to have a truly epic summer and then some, soaking up rays on the beach, exploring national parks, and visiting new cities."

There is also an annual pass that is selling for a temporary discount of $1,299.  The regular retail price for that pass is going to be $1,999 a year.  That pass also comes with a number of blackout dates.

The airline is calling the program the GoWild! pass.

You can expect a lot of add-on charges.  The pass does not include bag fees, seat fees, or taxes.

There is also a chance that seats are not going to be available on the flight you might want to take. Flights can only be booked and confirmed the day before flight departure for domestic travel and starting 10 days before flight departure for international travel.

Frontier did not announce how many of the passes it planned to sell.

The airline says the GoWild! Pass is non-transferable. The passholder is the only allowed passenger to travel with it.  It will also automatically renew the following year unless you cancel it.

Also, travel using the pass is not eligible to earn miles or status on Frontier.

Frontier does not always fly out of major airports.  For instance, in the New York City metro area, along with Laguardia, the airline uses the Trenton airport in New Jersey and Stewart International Airport about 60 miles north of New York City.