Toll, fare hikes OK'd for New York-area airports, crossings

Driving or taking a train into New York City and to area airports is going to cost more starting in a little over a month, as the authority that operates a large chunk of the city's transportation infrastructure raises fares to fund large-scale repairs and improvements.

DNA tourism

If you aren't sure where to go for your next vacation, maybe a DNA ancestry test will inspire you.

August shopping deals

August is here and the deals are hot, especially if your grill won’t survive the next summer BBQ. Trae Bodge, a smart shopping expert with Slickdeals, says outdoor furniture and grills are finally on sale. If you’ve had enough grilling and need an escape, travel is also on sale this month. Trae says this is a great time to book a last minute summer trip.

Anthony Bourdain dead at 61

Anthony Bourdain, the TV host, author, and chef, died in France. He was 61. Authorities said he apparently hanged himself.

June shopping deals

The kids are almost out of school so it's time to start thinking about keeping them occupied. Plus, what should you get Dad for Father's Day? Slickdeals smart shopping expert Trae Bodge says this is a great time to book a summer vacation. She says travel is always hot in June, across all categories, from flights to trains to hotels to rental cars.

Poutine at La Banquise [THE DISH]

Montreal is only about a 90-minute flight from New York City. We had to check out a dish the city is known for: the poutine at La Banquise. Open 24 hours a day, La Banquise has been a staple in its Montreal neighborhood for decades. Why do many New Yorkers visiting Montreal have to try the poutine at La Banquise? Because it is the best, says the owner. But what exactly is poutine? At its most basic, it is three ingredients: French fries, cheese curds, and brown gravy.

Hamptons summer resources

The first warm weekend of the year is when people turn their attention to the Hamptons, start going to open houses, and snap up great summer rentals, according to Out East GM Matt Daimler. That weekend is finally here, the hunt for Hamptons housing is on, and there's a new way to do it this year, thanks to

Wedding Week: Destination weddings and honeymoons

Bryan Rafanelli, a wedding planner for celebrities, and Jack Ezon, a travel agent, came to Wedding Week to talk about the top wedding and honeymoon destinations. Destination weddings are hugely popular as couples embrace the world as a global wedding venue. Then after you tie the knot, it is time set off for a romantic honeymoon.

4 apps for travel

The spring season is here, which means that spring break trips will soon commence. If you have international travel plans, certain apps can help you through your visits overseas. is a good app for travelers in unfamiliar cities. Used by over 90 million travelers, is filled with free, detailed offline maps, which will help you save your mobile data because no internet is required.