Fox For Students program donates classroom supplies to NYC school

Students and teachers opened brand-new boxes of school supplies at I.S. 49 Berta Dreyfus on Staten Island on Tuesday. Fox Corporation donated these school supplies as part of its Fox For Students program and partnership with the nonprofit Kids In Need Foundation.

The boxes of supplies were just the first part of the big surprise. Assistant Principal Daniel Clifford gave 8th grade teachers Lawrence Meisel and Maryann Diglio each a check for $1,000 to use for their classrooms.

"It's really important for the kids to have what they need to be successful in the classroom," Diglio said.

"Having the extra supplies being able to have more chart paper going around is great," Meisel said.

The teachers were grateful and so were the 8th graders, who know what a difference this will make. "Most kids come to school with their backpacks empty and they have excuses as to why they didn't want to study," one student said.

Kids In Need Foundation picked these teachers because they work in under-resourced schools.

"Across our education system the disparities really impact children of color and there's a lot of racial inequities in education, so that's a huge priority for us," said Lindsey Mitchell, the director of brand engagement for the Kids In Need Foundation.

The Fox Giving program has provided $100,000 during three years working with Kids In Need Foundation. The money is making a difference at this school on Staten Island and at schools around the country.