Fleet Week: Community service around NYC

Fleet Week is not just about the ships, the sailors and the socializing. It's also about community service.

30 volunteers from the U.S. Navy, Marines and Coast Guard spent the day in Harlem giving the gymnasium at the Graham Windham Manhattanville After School Center a much-needed makeover.

Another 20 were in Coney Island repairing a home still damaged by Superstorm Sandy.

Bibiana Thomas is the director of the after school program. The center is managed by NYCHA where resources are stretched thin. Thomas says without these service men and women and Habitat for Humanity, the center would likely wait awhile for a sprucing up.

It's Marine Captain Marques Williams's first Fleet Week, but he says he wouldn't want to spend it any other way.

It is not the first year that the men and women of Fleet Week have teamed with Habitat for Humanity for local community service projects but each year the projects do get bigger in terms of the scope and number of participants -- a trend that's expected to continue for many years going forward.