Firefighters Revive Unresponsive Cat Pulled From House Fire With Tiny Oxygen Mask

(INSIDE EDITION) Firefighters in Iowa saved a cat’s life after it was trapped in its family home when a fire broke out.

Deputy Fire Chief Rich Higgins of the Ames Fire Department said they were called to the scene and once they arrived, the feline’s owner, Annie Fangman, notified them that Cleo was still inside the house.

“The firefighters went inside the house twice and eventually found the cat in [the] basement. It was unresponsive,” Higgins said.

They used a pet oxygen mask to help Cleo. It's one of nine that the fire department uses. 

The crew worked for more than 30 minutes to get Cleo to come to. They started to pet her while she was on oxygen and she began responding, Higgins explained.

"The firefighters didn’t hesitate at all. Whether it was a human or animal, they did everything to revive the cat," Higgins said. "They didn’t skip a beat. It was nice to watch them trying to get the cat to come around. It was great when she started to breathe on her own and meow."

The department arranged for Fangman to be transported with Cleo to the Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine in a police car, while still wearing the oxygen mask.

Firefighters Tim Hansen, Steve Buser, Dan Thie and Ames Police Sergeant Joel Congdon are being credited for the cat's survival. 

Cleo has now regained full neurological function, and is still being treated for respiratory issues. She is, however, expected to recover, the department said.