FBI may be investigating Rep. George Santos

The continued calls for Rep. George Santos (R-NY) to resign grow louder as the list of lies he has told grows longer.

On Wednesday, a petition with more than 100,000 signatures demanding Santos resign was delivered to his district office in Douglaston, Queens.

On Tuesday Santos spoke out in a sit-down interview.

"I’ve said I’m sorry and have behaved as if I’m sorry," Santos said.

But apologies may not be enough for the agencies now investigating Santos’ seemingly false biography and alleged fundraiser schemes.

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The disabled veteran who claims his service dog died after he was scammed by Santos confirmed to FOX 5 News that he was contacted by the FBI.

Investigators are also looking into sources of Santos’ campaign finances. Saurav Ghosh is the Director of Federal Campaign Finance Reform at Campaign Legal Center.

"The report Santos filed is a mess," Ghosh said.

Questions also surround the embattled congressman’s year-end FEC report.  One is who is his campaign treasurer? On the Devolder-Santos committee website, it lists Santos himself while a person by the name of Andrew Olson is on his latest filing.

Santos’ itemized receipts where he lists a $10k contribution is another red flag, according to some experts.

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$8,000 under disbursements went towards an "outstanding debt" to Il Bacco, an Italian restaurant in Queens, where campaign filing reports show Santos ran up more than $26,000 in charges.

"It just screams we don’t know what we’re doing and it’s a real problem," Ghosh said.

But for his part, Santos doesn’t see a problem.

He stopped short of commenting on a Newsday/Siena poll that shows the majority of voters in his district want him out.

Organizations are planning a trip to DC next week. FOX 5 News reports dozens of people have signed up. They say they have one goal and that’s to call on GOP leadership to expel Santos from Congress.