Farting passenger delays American Airlines flight to Austin, redditor says

A farting passenger is being blamed for an American Airlines flight being delayed from Phoenix to Austin. That's according to a person who posted the story on the Austin subReddit on January 16.

The redditor says they were on the flight and seated near the row where the incident happened. They say that they witnessed a man "audibly disgruntled" about something and that the man was grumbling about something under his breath.

After most passengers were seated, the redditor says they overheard the disgruntled man say, "You thought that was rude? Well how about this smell?" before passing gas.

The man then proceeds to complain about the smell of food from other passengers and then gets in an argument with other passengers, the redditor says. 


Aircraft seating configuration on a passenger jet. (Photo by: Peter Titmus/Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Flight attendants had to reportedly intervene to calm the disgruntled man.

The redditor says as the plane headed towards the runway, it stopped, and it was announced that the plane was returning to the gate. 

Upon arrival at the gate, the redditor says they overhear a flight attendant inform the disgruntled man that he would not be able to remain on the flight. The disgruntled man reportedly said "I don't understand" but got off the plane quietly.

The redditor says the flight was ultimately delayed about 15-30 minutes.

FOX 7 Austin has reached out to American Airlines to confirm the delay.