Exchange between Yankees and Red Sox fans in the Bronx goes viral

The Yankees and Red Sox rivalry is one of the most storied rivalries in all of sports, but recently opposing fans realized they had some common ground.

Less than a week after it was posted in early May in a Tik Tok that's garnered almost 100,000-- a Yankees fan appears to be verbally "getting into it" with a group of young red sox fans with a classic taunt used by the pinstripes faithful: 27 Rings--as in the number of championships the Yankees have won.

"You were alive for three of them!!!"

That off-camera quip was made by red Sox fan Viandy Abreu -- the best friend of Yankee fan Jonathan Silverman, who shot the viral video.

"You could see her like smirking while she was like yelling at them and talking to them," says Abreu. "So, I wouldn't say it was like really that serious."

"It really depicted the Yankees--Red Sox rivalry," added Silverman. "It was all in fun and games."

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"I think we all knew that she was just joking. We were joking," said Luke Pressman, one of the Red Sox fans.  

According to the group of young Red Sox fans--it all started when they chanted something that's not going to go over so well in the Bronx.

"After we were yelling, 'Yankees suck!' the woman came over and started it and trash-talking us," explained Red Sox fan Brody Farber.

"She was putting the loser sign up," says Red Sox fan Liam Knudsen.

"She was joking around," added Boston fan Finn Yakaitis. "Like, 'Yeah take the L.'"

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But Caroline Jastremski, the Yankees fan in the video said she wasn't about to let the kids disrespect her team in their house.

"I was making my way down the aisle. I see this like--pack of kids and they're chanting. 'Yankees suck! Yankees suck!' I don't know if it's just like the fan in me... but the adrenaline took over and I was like, alright, I gotta defend my team."

And while there's no love lost between Yankees and Red Sox fans--there are some things all fans can agree on.

"It was definitely hilarious. I will never forget it," says Jastremski. "But I do respect their fandom as well. So even though we don't have the same team that we want to win--they kind of understand what it's like to be a crazy fan like me. We were laughing, they were doing like faces at me and like we were throwing the ‘L’ sign up. So it was definitely friendly. Their parents kind of saw that this was unfolding and let it continue just because they got the signal that like, all right, this is just going to be a friendly exchange."

To be fair, the Yankees did lose that first contest of the series, 5-2 and Boston would go on to complete the sweep in the Bronx. The Pinstripes won't have to wait too long however to enact revenge--the Red Sox will be back at Yankee Stadium for a four-game set on July 15th.