Eric Ulrich, former NYC buildings commissioner, pleads not guilty to bribery charges

Former New York City buildings commissioner Eric Ulrich entered a plea of not guilty to five separate indictments brought against him by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg during his appearance in criminal court today. 

The District Attorney has alleged that Ulrich accepted over $150,000 in bribes in less than two years across his various city positions. In return, it is claimed that Ulrich provided favors and access to high-ranking officials, including Mayor Adams.

"Eric Ulrich, we allege, monetized each elected and appointed role that he held in New York City government.  Each and every one.  Rather than serve the public, he used his roles to benefit himself and his friends," said Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

Ulrich stands accused of accepting bribes from a real estate developer, a restaurant owner, and several others. These alleged payoffs include a valuable painting associated with the renowned artist Salvador Dali. 

Additionally, Ulrich purportedly received a premium season ticket package for the New York Mets, valued at over $10,000, a discounted furnished luxury apartment in a beachfront Rockaway Park building, and substantial amounts of cash, a significant portion of which is believed to have been directed towards gambling activities.

Alongside Ulrich, six co-defendants have also been charged in connection with this case. Notably, most of them were prominent fundraisers for Mayor Eric Adams' election campaign. The Mayor has not been accused of any wrongdoing.

In response to the allegations, a spokesman for the Mayor said, in part, "We always expect all our employees to adhere to the strictest ethical guidelines," and that "The mayor has not received any requests from the Manhattan DA surrounding this matter and has never spoken to Mr. Ulrich about this investigation." 

Ulrich's attorney Sam Braverman says he will be cleared of the allegations.

"Mr. Ulrich unequivocally denies these charges and looks forward to his day in court where the only evidence that will be considered will be tested by the process of trials," Braverman said.