Ed Romaine wins Suffolk County executive race against Dave Calone

In the heated Suffolk County Executive race, Republican Ed Romaine a longtime local politician beat Democrat Dave Calone who was hoping to bring a new set of skills to Long Island. 

Both candidates were vying for the seat held by outgoing county executive and Democrat Steve Bellone for the past 12 years.

Check back here when polls close at 9 p.m. for the election results.

"I’ve been working for the public for the last 38 years as an elected official, continuously reelected as legislator, county clerk and town supervisor," Romaine said. 

Romaine focused on his record of public service in the county. He said he plans to address key issues, including the county’s cyberattack as well as the budget. 


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While Calone doesn’t have experience as an elected official, the former prosecutor and businessman believed his legal background will help lead Suffolk County. 

"If you want to keep the community safe, you elect a lifelong prosecutor, not someone who has been a lifelong politician," Calone said. 

Calone planned to tackle issues around safety and housing. 

"It’s about making sure we have a Suffolk that works for my family and everyone's family," he said. 

Political analyst Larry Levy with Hofstra University said the race comes at a time against extraordinary national issues that could affect local races. 


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Many political insiders believed the race was within reach for Calone despite Romaine's lead.