‘Drink it and hang’: Miller Lite’s ‘Beernament’ arrives for Christmas tree decorators

The Miller Lite Beernament (Credit: Molson Coors)

Miller Lite has found a way to crack open a cold one and decorate your Christmas tree, in that order.

The brand will roll out "The Miller Lite Beernament" on Dec. 7. The decorative, round-shaped beer can will double as a Christmas tree ornament. 

"And with 6 to a pack it’s the perfect reason to get together with friends to hang this holiday season," the brand posted on Instagram

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The rollout will come a day after Miller High Life released its gingerbread dive bar kits. Each kit comes with beer-infused gingerbread walls, sugary vintage wall art and entrance sign, a tiny jukebox, an edible pool table with cues made out of pretzels and candied pool balls.


Miller High Life Gingerbread Dive Bar (Credit: Molson Coors)

True to form, the kit also comes with an outdoor pergola made from bar snacks and a bar floor made with Vermont maple syrup packets "to recreate that distinct sticky floor feeling only real ones know."

A spokesperson said the dive bar kits sold out in two minutes Monday. However, fifteen additional people will be selected at random to win a kit between Dec. 8 and Dec. 12. 

This story was reported from Los Angeles.