Democrats aiming to win back Obama voters who flipped to Trump in NJ

North Arlington, New Jersey is a working-class town of about 15-thousand people in Bergen County. It's also one of 53 towns in the Garden State that could tell us a lot about what will happen in November.    

That's because these towns -- also including Nutley in Essex County -- voted for former President Obama in 2012 and then flipped to President Trump in 2016. They are the type of communities - not just in New Jersey - but across the country--  that the Commander in Chief needs to hang on to.

They are also where Joe Biden wants to re-take momentum.

"I think it's very close to being right down the middle at this point," said North Arlington resident Tom Decara. "It's in transition to be honest with you."


Decara is a Democrat and says that in 2016 there just wasn't enough enthusiasm for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. This time he's hoping it could be different.

"If everyone (registered) mails in. You would think Democrats have the advantage," he said.

Ten-year resident Brian Delaney says it's an "independent-minded" area with a history of voting on both sides when it comes to recent presidential elections. But Delaney also voted for President Trump and says it's not surprising the commander in chief flipped it from blue to red.    

"He's offered something a lot of politicians have not offered in the last few years," Delaney said.

Joe Biden, of course, is in no real danger of actually losing New Jersey, a solidly blue state.

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"Here's the thing, consider if North Arlington is a suburb of Ohio," said political analyst Steve Adubato.

According to Adubato, Democrats don't necessarily have to win back suburbs like this - but simply not lose them as badly, considering they will likely hold most big cities and urban areas easily.    

"If Donald Trump doesn't win big in places like North Arlington and Nutley... he's not going to win nationally," Adubato said.

Adubato also says it's why Biden is hammering Trump on the pandemic response. It's something just about everyone is dealing with no matter how well or poorly they're doing economically.

Adubato also said "white suburban women" will play a big role in the election. It's a voting block that largely leaned left in the 2018 midterm elections.