Democratic congressman intoduces resolution to expel Rep. George Santos

A Democrat in the House of Representatives has introduced a resolution to expel Rep. George Santos.

The motion, introduced by Rep. Robert Garcia of California, is expected to fail, but it will put House Republicans on record whether they support the indicted representative.

GOP leaders have until Thursday to decide if they are going to vote on the resolution or table it.


Expel George Santos? GOP leaders aren't ready to take that step

Protecting a narrow, four-vote majority, Republican leaders in the House are making clear the legal process will need to play out with George Santos before they take steps to force his resignation or expel him.

The call from the Democrat comes one week after the Republican pleaded not guilty to a 13-count federal indictment charging him with fraud including taking COVID-19 unemployment money while he was working at a six-figure job. 

"Fortunately justice is blind in our country, and every one is innocent until proven guilty. Regrettably so Rep. Garcia and the democrats are playing the roles of bias judge and jury. Expelling me is silencing 145k+ voters who sent me here to represent them and taking the voice away from 700k people," Santos said in a statement, responding to the motion to expel him.

Santos has refused to resign and insists that he is ruling for re-election in 2024. 

"Democrats want Republicans to take action against Santos in the hopes he gets pushed out of Congress because Democrats can take that seat back," said Basil Smikle, a Democratic strategist. 

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has already said he is awaiting the results of an investigation by the Republican-controlled House Ethics Committee, which began in March. McCarthy met with Republicans today after the motion to expel was introduced.