Dads hide from families in the bathroom, study finds

Sometimes you just need some peace and quiet, even in your own home. A place where you can shut the door, lock the door and unwind. I’m talking about the bathroom!

The bathroom apparently is the place to hide out, according to a study from a bathroom furnishing company called Pebble Grey. A poll of 1,000 British men found that dads spend seven hours a year hiding from their families in the bathroom. It’s a number that seems low to some New Yorkers we spoke to on the Upper East Side  

"I think my dad hides in the bathroom for half an hour every day so times 365, a lot more than seven hours a year,” said one New Yorker walking on East 86th Street  

And what about the women? Some responses from women on the street: 

 "I just go in my room and close the door!”

"Most of the time it’s like women in the bathroom. I know I’m always in the bathroom."

Alan Lawrence is a dad blogger and a father of 6. He appropriately Skyped with us from where else… but his bathroom!

"For me the bathroom has kind of become this area of known off-limits to anyone else who is not in the bathroom at the time, so for me it’s nice  I can kind of just escape to the bathroom and reset,” said Lawrence. 

Nearly a quarter of the men surveyed call the bathroom their "safe place." So to all of you out there with the same mindset... we’re sorry that we let your secret out!


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