Could case be reopened against Robert Durst?

New evidence shown in an HBO series called "The Jinx" about the life of now 71-year old New Yorker Robert Durst may convince investigators to reopen a cold case.

The New York Times quotes sources that say the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office is looking again at the unsolved murder case of Durst's close friend Susan Berman. Berman, a crime author, was shot to death at her home in L.A. 15 years ago. Durst was questioned but never charged in that case.

Money, murder and a missing person for years have haunted Durst, the estranged son of a billionaire real estate magnate. In 1982, Durst's wife Kathy disappeared. She has now been legally declared dead.

Ellen Strauss was her friend. She has been collecting evidence since Kathy disappeared and shared it with the HBO documentary filmmakers. She hopes that leads to an indictment.

The HBO series reveals a newly uncovered letter from Durst to Berman written years ago. When compared to an anonymous note sent to Beverly Hills police after Berman's murder alerting cops to her body, the writing is nearly identical.

But author and investigative journalist Matt Birkbeck isn't convinced it's enough to get a conviction.

Durst's lawyer told Fox 5 he thinks the letter shown on the HBO series is a forgery.