Cookie-loving deer visit real-life Snow White in New Jersey

A mob of deer with a collective sweet tooth was seen waiting in a backyard in New Jersey on January 24, as the wild animals waited for a real-life Snow White to feed them cookies, adorable video shows.

TikTok user SnowFrickenWhite confessed to feeling "grateful every day" after her deer neighbors took up the habit of visiting her backyard.

The heart-melting video shows SnowFrickenWhite walking toward a glass door, where at least a dozen deer she has given names such as Clarice, Mrs Kravitz, Mary, and Betty White can be seen waiting for treats.

She regularly posts footage to her TikTok account, where she documents the bond that developed between her and her four-legged "friends."

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection discourages feeding wild White-tailed deer, as it can encourage the spread of disease and parasites, can sicken and kill the deer and cause them to lose their natural fear of humans.

"Deer do not need human assistance for survival, even in the worst NJ winter," the DEP says on its website. "The Fish They have evolved for millennia without a human-supplied food source and will continue to thrive. Deer are beautiful wild animals and should be afforded the respect they deserve. Wildlife lovers are encouraged to enjoy their presence passively and allow them to live as the wild animals they are."