Connecticut man accused of growing $8.5M worth of illegal mushrooms

A Connecticut man is accused of growing $8.5 million worth of illegal mushrooms. 

State police said Westen Soule, 21, is charged with possession with Intent to sell/distribute narcotics and operation of a drug factory.

Authorities said on November 2, they went to a home in Burlington after receiving a tip that the resident was "allegedly operating a clandestine psilocybin mushroom growing operation."


Westen Soule is accused of running a $8.5 million illegal mushroom operation. (Credit: Connecticut State Police)

Investigators said they made contact with Soule and discovered ventilation equipment throughout his home that indicated a clandestine laboratory.

Soule then took authorities to a detached garage where detectives observed a large mushroom growing operation. 

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Authorities said Soule believed that the mushrooms were not illegal and did not consent to a search of a home.  However, authorities were then granted a search warrant. 

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Authorities said Soule was operating a $8.5 million illegal mushroom operation.  (Connecticut State Police )

Soule reportedly admitted that the mushrooms were psilocybin. He was later taken into custody. 

He is scheduled to be back in court later this month. 

This story was reported from Los Angeles.