Con Ed workers threaten to strike amid NYC heat wave

The contract between New York City utility workers and Con Ed ends Saturday at midnight.

Without an agreement, 8000 workers could walk off the job in the middle of sweltering temperatures.

This could leave all of New York City and Westchester County in limbo if a deal isn't reached. 

FOX 5's Richard Giacovis spoke with union leaders who say the energy giant needs to do better for its workers. 

As heat indexes soar past 100 degrees this weekend, union reps for Con Edison met in a hotel ballroom trying to negotiate for better wages and benefits.

"We're being pretty reasonable with our requests, and we've been very clear and, in my opinion, Con Edison is playing a dangerous game with the public, and the communities that we serve," one Con Edison worker said. 

The union hasn't detailed what exactly it is they are asking for, but says that the price for customers has gone up and so should their rate of pay. 

A spokesperson for Con Ed says they look forward to a fair arrangement with the union and that they remain optimistic they'll come to a deal.

The union says if they're close to making a deal with the company around midnight, they will extend the clock until the morning. 

Members of Utility Workers of America are made up of electrical technicians, engineers, designers and administrative workers whose 4-year contract will expire Saturday. 

Con Edison is "investor-owned" and regulated by New York state’s Public Service Commission, which approved a rate hike in service for customers in 2023.