Commuters file lawsuit against MTA, LIRR

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Commuters have not been happy with the MTA.  Two of them have decided to take action by launching what they hope to be a class-action lawsuit against the MTA, Long Island Rail Road, and NYC Transit. 

The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages, attorney fees, and reimbursement of monthly LIRR passes for the month of May.

"Common carriers like the railroad have a duty to provide certain levels of service, not dangerously high levels of overcrowding. When they do that, they breach their carrier contract, which is what the suit is alleging," said Attorney Paul Liggieri.

It also alleged negligence on the part of LIRR, MTA and infliction of emotional distress on passengers because of chronic delays and overcrowding.

Liggieri said the lawsuit is filed on behalf of two commuters, but he expects to have "hundreds" of plaintiffs in the class by next week.

Governor Andrew Cuomo has expressed his dissatisfaction toward the train problems, calling the impending track repairs at Penn Station a “summer of hell” for commuters.