Columbia University removes 3 staff members over 'ancient antisemitic tropes' texts

Columbia University removed three staff members from their positions after sending text messages that "disturbingly touched on ancient antisemitic tropes".

The message happened during a reunion event that happened over the weekend called "Jewish Life on Campus: Past, Present, and Future".

In a letter sent to the university community today, Columbia President Minouche Shafik described the text messages as "unacceptable and deeply upsetting," highlighting their lack of seriousness regarding the concerns and experiences of our Jewish community members.

One of the staff members involved in the text exchange, Dean Josef Sorett, apologized in a letter on Monday saying:

"I am deeply sorry that this happened in a community that I lead and , that I was part of any of the exchanges, and I pledge to spearhead the change we need to ensure this never happens again."

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The New York Post said the three administrators on leave are Susan Chang-Kim, Matthew Patashnick and Cristen Kromm.

This fall, Columbia University is set to launch a "vigorous program of antisemitism and antidiscrimination" training for staff and students.

This comes after dozens of students supporting Palestinians at Columbia University staged a "Gaza Solidarity Encampment" on the NYC campus in April.

Since then, dozens of students have been arrested, and even some suspended.