City Girls Who Walk: A fun new way to exercise in NYC

There’s a fun new way to exercise in New York City, while also socializing with new friends. City Girls Who Walk was founded by fitness instructor Brianna Joye.

"In February of 2022, I had this idea once most of my friends started leaving New York City," Joye said. "I kind of missed that group of girls to come and get coffee, go on walks, and I was sitting with my fiancé at the time like ‘what if I started this walk club in NYC, just for a way for girls to make new friends?’"

Good Day New York’s Bianca Peters and Ryan Kristafer joined Joye on a walk through the park to learn how the sisterhood started. 

Joye posted on TikTok, where she had over one million followers, to gauge interest in a leisurely walk for women. She was expecting 10 or 20 girls to show up – but 250 women laced up for it.

Since the first walk, it’s become a weekly Sunday tradition. At noon, anywhere from 100 to 700 women gather at 72nd and Central Park West to saunter through the park.

"Just knowing that girls are connecting on a much deeper level, than just having their coffee," Joye said. "Girls are telling me that they’re meeting their life-long best friends from this. I’ve had girls tell me they went back home with them for Thanksgiving. It’s just awesome to see those connections being made."

City Girls Who Walk has now expanded to over 150 cities across the U.S.