Charges filed against suspect seen in 'shocking' video waving gun in street

If Hamza Amir hadn’t recorded it, others might not believe it. 

"It was definitely shocking, you know," Amir said. "You don’t see that in this neighborhood." 

Police say 31-year-old Kiber Calderon, who also uses the name Hanna Carillo, fired a shot into the air before walking into the busy intersection of Jerusalem Avenue and Bellmore Avenue on Tuesday afternoon. 

"She was pointing the gun at the cops and at one point she put it to her head," Amir said. 

Officials say an officer in a squad car likely saved lives by sideswiping Calderon, who ultimately fell to the ground and dropped the gun before being arrested. 

"You have a subject that was pointing a gun at the public, discharged a firearm on a public street, pointing the firearm at police officers, and then pointed the firearm at his head, which meant he might’ve committed suicide had the police officer not have taken swift and effective action," said Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman. 


Disturbing video captures woman threatening traffic with gun in Nassau County

Police say they responded to the scene on Jerusalem Avenue and Bellmore Avenue quickly after getting several 911 calls about a woman waving a gun around 2:20 pm.

Calderon was arrested twice in June for burglary and trespassing, according to police, and will now face charges including menacing, reckless endangerment and possession of a weapon and controlled substance.

"So the law is written that deadly physical force used against you or another you can equal that force with deadly physical force," said police commissioner Patrick Ryder. 

The officer in the car was treated for emotional trauma. 

Calderon will be arraigned when medically fit.