Canada sets age limit for trick or treating

No tricks or treats for Canadians over 16!

A Canadian town called Bathurst will fine anyone over 16 caught knocking on doors for candy or wearing a “facial disguise” after curfew, which is 8 pm. The fine could be up to $200 just for trying to score a free Kit Kat bar!

The divisive topic has many of the residents up in arms, but Bathurst city spokesman calmed Halloween concerns to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

“Bathurst city spokesman Luc Foulem admitted the rules are a bit ‘kooky’ but said no one will be out running after kids on Halloween. He said older residents were concerned about ‘troublemakers’ and that the goal is to ensure public safety. No one has ever been fined under the city bylaw, Foulem added.”

Do you agree with this age limit on trick or treating?