Bumble expands social circle with Geneva friend-finding app acquisition

In today’s world, there seems to be an app for everything.  From dating, food shopping, learning a different language, so why not an app to help you make friends?

One of those friendship apps is Geneva. 

Geneva is a group chat app connecting you to the people you want to meet and the things you want to do in your city.

The app recently signed an agreement to be acquired by Bumble to help grow its friend-finding services.

You can find people with all different hobbies, from a running buddy to someone interested in books. 

"Research out there is shown when it comes to the treatment of certain psychological issues, sometimes having groups that are specific to your interests or your culture or who you are seems to be very, very effective," said clinical psychologist Dr. Jeffrey Gardere.

According to Dr. Gardere, these friend-finding platforms can allow you to really get to know one another. After all, it's not impossible to transition from friends to lovers. 

"You never know that one of these friendships may actually turn into a romance. And it's happening organically," Dr. Gardere said.