Residents react after 'microburst' rips through parts of Brooklyn

A microburst" tore through parts of Brooklyn Tuesday afternoon and residents are showing signs of relief now that the storm has passed.

Bensonhurst homeowner Frances Sena and her neighbors are feeling grateful to be safe after an afternoon storm ravaged this section of Bay Ridge Parkway.  

"There was a very strong wind I was on the house I heard a big thump I looked right next to me the tree turned right into my house the tree went down," Sena said.

Ring cameras captured the rain and moments wind knocked down multiple trees in the area.

Ida Christian said she heard the storm and only came outside to investigate after it was over. 

The National Weather Service determined a microburst hit Bensonhurst. 

The NYC OEM Commissioner said they saw "significant winds here in Bensonhurst between 3:30 and 3:45pm there were straight line winds up 70 mph you can see the amount of damage fortunately nobody was seriously injured."

Trees fell on the sides of the parkway, trees split and fell on multiple blocks crushing parked cars. 

Debris covered front yards and driveways.

The storm passed through quickly emergency responders said, and thankfully nobody was hurt.