American Red Cross assists families after Bronx building collapse

The American Red Cross says families from the collapsed building on Billingsly Place are spread out in hotels across 5 boroughs waiting for word on when they can get back inside their apartments. 

Those who came to the Bronx Community College to ask for help aren’t sure what’s next.

"My son calls me and says you have to get out. The front of the building collapsed. Get out," Tomlinson said, who made it out of her 6th floor apartment safely Monday afternoon. 

However, as she ran for her safety, Tomlinson forgot her 2-year-old, blind cat who was still in her apartment as city inspectors tried to determine when it would be safe for residents to go back inside.

"The pet is like a family member. I’m very close to her, and I’m really hurting right now," Tomlinson said.


Bronx building collapse: 2 injuries reported as cleanup, investigation begins

Firefighters searched through the rubble for any potentially trapped victims after a seven-story apartment building located at 1915 Billingsley Terrace collapsed on Monday afternoon.

Tomlinson is one of 146 people who have requested assistance from the American Red Cross. Some need emergency housing as their apartments sit near the same ones that collapsed yesterday.

At Bronx Community College today, those displaced came together with loved ones and fellow neighbors to have a hot meal and attempt to plan what to do next.

"They’re really looking to understand where they can go to make sure they have a safe place to stay tonight. Our teams have been providing food, snacks, and other supplies today as well," Desiree Ramos Reiner, the external affairs officer of the American Red Cross of Greater New York said.

For anyone who needs help, call 877-RED CROSS.