AI & Beyond: Understanding the benefits and risks of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is everywhere.

From the recommendations we get on Netflix to the navigation apps on our phones, AI has been a part of our daily lives for years now.

But the sudden rise of Chatbots like Bard and Chat GPT is raising new questions about technology and the pace at which it's developing. 

Even though it's led to significant advancements in industries like healthcare, there are also urgent warnings about what AI means for the economy, our elections, and overall public safety.


Accelerated adoption of AI could automate 30% of Americans’ work hours: report

A report found that rapid advancements in artificial intelligence technologies could see about 30% of Americans' hours worked automated by 2030.

More than 350 experts recently signed a letter warning AI could pose an existential threat to humanity.

Other leaders in the field say they're more worried about current dangers linked to the technology, like bias in data and so-called "deepfakes" that can spread information and propaganda. 

The Biden Administration says it's getting ready to unveil several policy actions regarding Artificial Intelligence. 

In one recent development, several companies including Open AI, Google, and Microsoft agreed to a series of safeguards outlined by the White House.

The United Nations Security Council also held its first-ever meeting on the threats posed by AI to global peace.


Netflix offering up to $900k for A.I. job as actors and writers strike

A tech expert says the company has been using A.I. for years, and new job posts indicate use of A.I. technology will continue at the company and improve.