Australian man’s cereal contains a serpent surprise

Tell me you’re from Australia without telling me you’re from Australia.

Luke Huntley, who is a snake catcher by trade, shared video of himself jokingly "making breakfast in Australia."

Video posted to Huntley’s professional Facebook page, Snake Catcher Noosa, shows him as he pours out some Nutri-Grain cereal into a bowl when he gets a serpent surprise.

Freeze frame of snake sliding out of Australian man’s cereal box.

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In the video, Huntley is heard saying, "Russell, not again," as a black snake slides out of the box into the bowl, with clumps of cereal surrounding it.

But it turns out that Russell was not an uninvited guest. Russell is a six-year-old venomous snake that Huntley has been taking care of for four years.

Storyful contributed to this report.