As weddings return, couples aim to go big in 2022

Big weddings are ready to make a comeback in the summer and fall of 2022 as brides and grooms are ready to put the pandemic behind them and celebrate in a big, lavish way. 

"I'm getting from my clients a desire for a much more opulence and a richer experience," said Kate Edmonds, a wedding planner and owner of Kate Edmonds Events. "I'm getting lots of fun things like magicians and psychics and tarot card readers and all those kinds of fun things that I did privately maybe a decade or two ago." 

"Families are so particularly grateful to be able to celebrate with their friends and family. And no one is taking anything for granted," said Claudia Warner, who plans weddings for Gourmet Advisory Services.

This season couples also want company as they make their way to the altar. 

"I think it's because, during COVID, so many people became parents of dogs. Now many couples can't even see their way to walking down the aisle without their baby," Warner said.

According to Marissa Rubinetti, COO of Kleinfeld Bridal, brides now seem to want one of two extremes either a very simple wedding dress or one that's over the top. 

"As we exit out of the pandemic people are really trying to have grand affairs, they're trying to showcase all types of styling in their wedding attire," Rubinetti told FOX 5 NY.  

Destination weddings are also popular again, with some couples inviting their friends along for the honeymoon as well as the nuptials. 

One last thing also may be related to living through COVID lockdowns and restrictions for the last two years, as long engagements appear to be out and engaged couples are looking to get married as soon as possible.