App shows which NYC subway stations are the rattiest

If you live in or have visited New York City, you know that rats are a regular part of life in the Big Apple.

And with so much recent effort to rid the streets of our rodent roommates, it appears that many are now migrating underground. Rodent sanctuaries can now be found in some of the city’s most popular subway stations. 

But which ones? Well, you can find that out using the new Transit app. The app is most popular for showing bus and train arrival times, but straphangers have begun punching in their own data of the city's rattiest subway stations.

Once the rankings came out, they became a viral sensation on TikTok.

"It will detect when you enter a subway station, and then you can open the tab and report when you see rats, which are then uploaded to our website in real time," said Stephen Miller, a spokesperson for The Transit app. 

Topping the list of the rattiest subway stops is the 191st Street subway station in Manhattan, followed by the Grant Ave. Subway station in Brooklyn, the 137th St City College stop, Woodhaven Boulevard, and the 149th Street Grand Concourse platform.