Adaptive tennis takes center stage at Mount Sinai Hospital

A hospital might seem like a poor place for a tennis match, but on Tuesday, the location was both appropriate and timely, with the US Open underway.

Local wheelchair tennis players paid a visit to Mount Sinai Hospital and visited with patients in the rehab unit before putting on a special tennis lesson.

"Being that the US Open is this week, I thought it was important to do the wheelchair demonstration for newly injured inpatients to give them options as they transition," said Garrison Redd, Mount Sinai's spinal cord injury outreach coordinator.


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The sound of crutches clanging against each other is only drowned out by the athletes calling for the ball and coaches yelling instructions. Soon, they hope, fans’ cheers will join that mix.

Redd, a former Team USA Paralympic powerlifter, uses his connections to help those living with physical disabilities.

Tuesday's demonstration was hosted by the Wheelchair Sports Federation, to give hope and new options to those in rehabilitation.