Abandoned puppies rescued from the cold

Canela, Cedro, and Camilla are safe and well-cared for now. But on New Year's Eve, the Rottweiler-shepherd mix puppies were found abandoned out in the frigid cold in a North Bergen, New Jersey, parking lot.

As soon as Humane Society Law Enforcement Officer Geoffrey Santini got the call, he and his son, Michael Santini, and his son's friend Christopher Lopez went to a lot on 47th Street to help police officers rescue the three dogs.

But it was no easy feat. Sgt. Victor Quero of North Bergen Police said the dogs got scared and started running around the block. The men were able to catch two of the dogs on Sunday night.

But the third was skittish and ran into the woods. And as night fell on the parking lot, the group had to give up the search but not before setting up a little shelter—a cage with warm blankets and food. They hoped the dog would go in there overnight.

Sure enough, the third pup was spotted again new year's morning. Though it still took officers some time to coral him.

The pups are now at St. Hubert's Animal Welfare Center in Madison. The shelter staff says they were rescued just in time. The vet evaluated the dogs and believes they are about 9 months old. After they undergo full medical and behavioral evaluations, they should be up for adoption in a couple of weeks.