Asian grocery chain 99 Ranch Market debuts in New York

You can get steamed or fried fish on the spot or buy some fresh Asian delicacies

99 Ranch Market is one of the latest tenants to open its doors at the new Samanea New York mall in Westbury, formerly known as the Mall at the Source.

The nearly 46,000-square-foot supermarket is said to be the largest national grocery store chain to specialize in a full range of Asian ingredients and foods. It's also the first 99 Ranch Market to open in New York. 

Business development director Joseph Lee says plans to open additional locations over the next few years are already in the works.

"We have a lot of different things — pork kidney, pork liver, pork ear and this is pork stomach," Lee said, pointing to packages. "Some people drive 50 miles from their home to shop here."

Lee said some 2,000 customers — nearly half of whom are Asian — visit the Westbury store daily. That number is expected to double in the coming months.

"We probably have the biggest live seafood marketplace on Long Island," Lee said. 

Many people we spoke to say the market helps fill a cultural void on Long Island.

The chain, which originated in California, is known for its pan-Asian produce, baked goods, dim sum, and seafood and prides itself on freshness.

Four vendors serving authentic Vietnamese, Chinese, and Japanese food plan to open at the food court where people will also have the option to just come and eat.

"You don't have to go to the Chinese restaurant to get roasted duck you can buy it here, very cheap, very fresh, very delicious," Lee said. 

Other East Coast states that have 99 Ranch locations include New Jersey, Massachusetts, Virginia, and Maryland.