5-foot-long snake found inside Upper West Side apartment

Residents on the Upper West Side got a hiss-terical shock on Wednesday when a five-foot-long snake slithered into an apartment on West 87th Street. 

The snake, which was spotted by a 9-1-1 caller who likely double-checked their morning coffee, was seen crawling up an exterior gate and trying to make its way into a basement apartment without signing a lease.

Officers arriving on the scene quickly found the gate-crashing boa constrictor.

The NYPD’s Emergency Service Unit, known for handling New York’s scale-ier situations, safely bagged the adventurous reptile and transported it to the ASPCA.

Credit: NYPD

"That's pretty wild," a neighbor told FOX 5 NY. "I wonder what it's been eating around here."

It remains unclear where the snake came from or how it arrived at the scene. 

An investigation into the incident is ongoing. 

The snake is now with Animal Care Centers of New York, where it is being cared for. 

Boa constrictors are illegal to own in New York City.